Challenge:  Write A Guild Mission Statement

In the education world, we love to talk about how we’re preparing our learners for life in the 21st-Century (a phrase that’s really getting old by now), and to be competitive in the global marketplace.  However, I wonder, how often do we give them authentic learning experiences, with context they’re passionate about, to actually try the the things we say we value in education?  Enter World of Warcraft.  Now here’s an environment they’re passionate about because they’re experiencing it through play.  Part of what our learners have been experiencing is the social aspect of the game, specifically player guilds.  About a week ago, we inducted each of them into the student guild, The Legacy.

We’ve discussed what it means to be a guild, how a guild might be organized, and what its purpose might be.  Afterwards, we discussed mission statements and their components while examining the mission statements of companies from Apple to Avon (Avon’s is a novel, by the way.  Perhaps they should hire one of our kids to re-write it!).

After both peer editing and teacher feedback, we’ve compiled their work on the project wiki.  I think you’ll be amazed at these, recalling that they were written by 8th graders.

You can find them at:

Great work!